Book Listing Hot clickable column headings for ordering.
Context sensitive paging.
List with unicode entries Any Language - UTF8 unicode database
List with search Search function with highlighting of keywords
AI Generation One Click AI's
AI Generation Select the template to apply
AI Generation Open or Save
AI Generation A nice searchable PDF generated on the fly from your database.
Slideshow Image 3 Edit all your title details in an easy to use web form.
Edit Contributors/Authors/Illustrators/Editors An unlimited number of contributors
Simply drag the contribtors to change order or click add another contributor to add additional contributors.
Example Edit Of Contributors/Authors/Illustrators/Editors Simple additions of contributors with drop down selection of type.
Pulication Details Update publication details with constrained ease.
Staff can enter what they need, but no rubbish can get in the system.
Multiple Sets/Series/Audience Ranges Simple addition of books to sets and series.
Insert audience ranges and edit source details.
Multiple Subject Ranges Support for unlimited Bics, Bisacs, Subjects and Themes.
Prices Support for multiple currencies, tax rates, discounts and date ranges.
Rights Management of rights for distribution with Onix.
Illustrations / Prizes Unlimited illustrations & prizes with a simple interface.
Other Text Add descriptions for each book for the web site and Onix message.
Other Text Additions Support for numerous text types consistent with Onix.
Images Upload a high res cover image and the system will distribute it with the Onix. The system will also sub sample down to get correctly sized thumbnails.
Category List System supports subjects, themes and categories for searching and menus segregation.
Contributor List Easily maintain your contributor list.
Contributor Edit Edit contributors details, biographical note and image.
Generate Onix Generate Onix for distribution elsewhere.
Change the destination to auto filter based on last update.
Generate Onix Generate Onix for selected titles for distribution elsewhere.
Onix Destinations Automate your onix dissemination via destinations.
Let web publisher send your updates automatically.
Upload and download XSLT's to apply for AI generation & reports Cutomise your reports and AIs with XSLT. No need to come to us for minor changes.
Customise the home page Choose the books you wish to appear on the home page / books of the month. Choice of grid, table or row based layouts.
Customise other pages Customise your own pages via the built in CMS system. Hybrid calls can be made to insert books within your text with just a ISBN13 number.
Customising a page No cost to update your pages. You can do it yourself! You can also add pages and link them into the menu.
Orders View and / or download your orders for analysis of promotions and sales.
Orders View your order details online to see what is happening real time.
Images / Catalogues Upload images and catalogues for use on the site. Catalogues will automatically appear for download in the menus.
Promotions Create special deals for your customers with promotions. Increase sales whilst building a relationship with your readers.
Events / News Create listings of upcomming events and recent news on the site.